Friday, November 20, 2009

Wheeler Occupation List of Demands

Date: November 20, 2009 12:21:21 PM PST
Subject: DEMANDS!!!

We at the University of California Berkeley students are occupying Wheeler Hall as both a symbolic and practical action.  We are occupying because of the 32% student fee increase, because the UC funds and budget are not transparent, because we want to make UC Berkeley a safe campus for all undocumented (AB540) students, because of the disgraceful "leadership" we have seen from the Board of Regents and President Yudof and a multitude of other reasons too numerous to list here.

We are therefore unable to leave until you:

1. Rehire all 38 custodial AFCSME workers laid off
2. Drop all charges and provide total amnesty to all persons occupying buildings and involved in student protests concerning budget cuts
3. Maintain the current business occupants of the bears lair food courtand enter into respectful and good faith negotiations
4. Preserve Rochdale apartments leased to berkeley student cooperative for $1 a year into perpetuity


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