Sunday, November 15, 2009

Additional Call from UCLA Crisis Fest

Dear UCLA & Public Education Community,

After talking with unions and student groups, and in light of the Regents' decision to raise your tuition on the morning on Wednesday the 18th, we are putting out a general call for everyone who cares about this issue to be at COVEL COMMONS, WEDNESDAY THE 18TH AT 8AM TO SHUT THIS MEETING DOWN.

This is our chance to make sure the Regents don't raise tuition by 32%. Tell everyone you know, wake up early for one day in your life, drink a ton of coffee, shut the meeting down, take a siesta and then get ready for Crisis Fest, that night!


At Crisis Fest, you will see all the support the Regents are afraid of when over 1000 students and workers expected from around the UC System arrive to celebrate and camp at Pauley Pavillion.

And then we'll shut down the meeting the next morning!

This is no time for fear. Leave that to the Regents. This is a time for joy, celebration and protest!

Crisis Fest will not budge, Crisis Fest will not end!


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