Thursday, November 12, 2009

SAVE the University Petition to Postpone Fee Hike Vote

SAVE the University (, an independent faculty organization at UC Berkeley, asks for your support for the following petition to postpone the UC Regents vote on a fee hike of 32% for undergraduate students (scheduled for Nov. 19 at the Los Angeles Regents meeting).

Your support will send a powerful signal to the UC Regents that it must demonstrate fiscal transparency in its response to the budget crisis and that it must protect accessible and affordable higher education for the people of California.

We seek your support with urgency because the Regents ignore the analyses offered by UC faculty and administrators that raise significant questions regarding the Regents’ use of student fees for debt service and the subsidy of the UCLA and UCSF medical centers.

For the Regents to vote to raise fees at all, let alone a hike of 32%, without clear answers to these questions would be a serious diversion from the public good.

Should students and their families be forced they to bear this burden without full explanation from the Regents about the use of student fees and the fiscal priorities of UC?

We call on you to protect the public good of higher education. Now is the time for your voices to be heard.

Please sign the petition.

Thank you,
SAVE co-chairs, Peter Glazer, Greg Levine


Anonymous said...

Protect the good of higher education by recommending that the Academic Senate and President Yudof do the work of the $3,000,000consultants and identify $150,000,000 of savings for UC. Total savings for UC of $153,000,000. It is time the Academic Senate demonstrated leadership for UCB Faculty.
Do your job Yudof. Do your Job Chancellor Birgeneau, Do your job Academic Senate Leadership!

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