Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eyewitness Description of UCLA Protests (UC-AFT Pres Bob Samuels)

UCLA made an official press release on Wed. stating that no one was tasered. They later retracted their release and said two students were tasered. Most of the students were tasered on Thurs. I know that at least one person was tasered while lying on the ground outside of the parking garage. New reports said that several people were tasered when they were escorting Yudof out. I believe there is video evidence of this.

I also have to say that what I saw on Wed, while I was negotiating with the police about allowing students back into public comments, a police officer went out of his way to intimidate and baton an African American student. If you look at the video and photo evidence, almost all of the examples of excessive policing involve students of color. This looks really bad. Also, remember that UCLA has already had a problem about tasering a student in the library.

One other personal account. I was inside the regents meeting and did a public comment. We had worked for weeks on arranging the speakers and clearing them with the regents secretary. However since the regents took an extra thirty minutes for their bathroom break, they cut off public comments before the people who were announced to speak could speak. The students and workers started to shout "let them speak." Someone announced that the meeting is now an unlawful assembly. I went to the hall to call people outside, and I was passed by police with their rifles held out in a very menacing fashion. They then arrested several students and workers. This was thurs morning.


David said...

If anyone has any still or video images of the tasering and brutality, please let me know if we can get a copy. I am a UCLA faculty member hoping to find proof of the use of force against our students. The stories are appalling and I would like to substantiate our reports to the administration. Thank you.

David said...

David here. I wrote the above comment. Here is my email for any footage of the undue force: dshorter.home (at sign)