Thursday, November 12, 2009

UCLA Regents Meeting Transportation Information

This is an update on transportation to UCLA for Nov 18th and 19th for the Regents Meeting:

A small transportation committee (an off shoot of the larger coalition of labor unions, graduate students, student government, faculty) has been working on a plan for coordinated bus transportation from all campuses to UCLA. The goal is for everyone to be at the Thursday Regents Meeting (Nov 19th) which starts approximately at 8:30 am with picket lines forming at 7:00 am and running through the end of the meeting.

A survey monkey has been set up to help with the coordination of the transportation.  Although not perfect, the survey monkey will tell us how many people at each campus are interested in riding a bus to UCLA.  Based on this information, buses will be ordered.  The survey monkey shows all buses departing to UCLA on Wednesday, November 18th.  If your campus prefers a different departure date or time this can be arranged.  If multiple buses are leaving from your campus, they can leave at different dates and times.  Please note these requests/changes in the comments box.

Also, if there are not enough bodies to fill a bus (buses are for 47 or 55 passengers) and a small group wants to carpool, most campuses have vans that can be rented.  The only issue is that someone needs to drive.  The cost is reasonable.

It is critical for everyone going to UCLA to use the survey monkey.  There is even a box for people traveling to UCLA but making their own travel arrangements.  At UCLA there is a committee working on making sure that there is enough food available for those coming from other campuses.  The head count is very important.

Also, as the cost of bus transportation is high we want  to be sure that the buses are full when they leave.  Using survey monkey to reserve a seat will help.

We understand that many campuses have already started signing up students and staff who are interested in busing to UCLA.  This is great!  We need the names of those sign ups put into the survey monkey as soon as possible.  If you already know when and at what time you want to leave, note that information in the comments box.

Voluntary Donations:  There is no obligation to make a donation in order to ride the bus.  As the unions are picking up the cost, there is no expectation that union members will be making a donation. However, some union leaders have expressed that they probably have some members that would be happy to contribute.  To help offset the cost, students are being told that voluntary donations would be appreciated.  Suggested donations are $20 if traveling from the north to UCLA and $10 if traveling from the south to UCLA.  Any donation, however small or large, will be great.  The plan is for these donations to be collected on the bus on the way to UCLA with collected monies to be handed over to me, Maria Elena Cortez, UC-AFT at UCLA.

Please publicize and encourage the use of the survey monkey link.

 Housing & Food:  The plan is to set up a tent city on campus.  Everyone needs to come prepared with a tent, a sleeping bag, warm clothing, a flashlight and some kind of padding as it is highly likely that the tents will be on cement.  Plans include dinner (11/18) and breakfast and lunch (11/19).

Crisis Fest: On the evening of the 18th, there will be a Crisis Fest from about 5:00 pm to midnight.  This includes music, games, arts & crafts, workshops and forums.  If you (and/or your group) want to present (participate) at the fest, send an email to:

Please keep in mind that this is a massive undertaking that we are learning how to do as we go along.  We plan to finalize and order buses before this Friday.  Please get all your travelers signed up on survey monkey as soon as possible. We understand that this a very small window of time.  We appreciate your understanding.

You can email/call me or Daraka Larimore Hall ( 805.403.8183; with questions and/or concerns.

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