Saturday, November 21, 2009

UCSB Faculty Legislature Resolutions November 19, 2009

1) Given the importance of the issues the Gould Commission is charged with addressing, we insist that a formal process be put in place for the University community to review, debate, and ratify the draft findings before any policies based on them are implemented. We therefore call for the deferral of the date announced for the conclusion of its deliberations and report to the Regents.

2) The Gould Commission‚s interest in computer-assisted education is explicitly tied to fiscal rather than pedagogical imperatives. For this reason it is particularly important, consistent with the Faculty Senate's primary responsibility for guiding the curriculum, that the Gould Commission avail itself the extensive expertise in the UC system in the areas of the digital arts and humanities, social computing, and the use of the computer for advanced research and pedagogy. To this end, we call upon the Education and Curriculum Working Group to consult, in organized fashion, with appropriate faculty experts on the various campuses.

3) We oppose increasing student fees to offset the budget deficit because it limits access to higher education and requires that large numbers of students and their parents incur long term debt, betraying the University's public mission and thus its fundamental purpose.

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