Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CSU Professor Advice to Faculty

1. You have to go after the administrators who have an agenda to destabilize the electorate and make the profs look like a self-serving privileged elite in a depressed economy.

2. The undergraduate degree is worthless. The corporate sponsors and the CEOs who now are at the top of the food chain have sacrificed the undergraduate degree for the cheap brilliance of the grad student working in the science lab.

3. The undergraduate student leaves the University with no expertise, critical thinking abilities, or job readiness.

4. We've let grade inflation and student-as-client philosophy create "the worthless BA degree and in the end create a new definition of The American Dream (more on this later)

5. Do you know if you oppose grade inflation there's (precedence) that I read today can make a case for your being fired.

6. I believe this is a move by administrators to end tenure and with it academic freedom. Can one of the Political theorists give a little input to my suppositions.

7. Threaten to make state audits of administrative overspending visible to the public. It's a war between the administration, the legislature and the Faculty. Now who is going to win if you don't get nasty.

The money is going to foreign countries. Some of these countries are totalitarian. And no one has control the way money is allocated. There is no shared governance. And now if you want to march in order to protest call in a professional organizer who can pull it together.

It's like a film shoot without a director.
- Sharyn Blumenthal CSU Long Beach


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