Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cont: Real Rhetorical Improvement

Regent Garamendi continued:

in addition to the cuts they are saying that these are doing serious damage to the state of california. this is an opportunity to take a stand and to fight. otherwise we leave here with our heads bowed and our university largely destroyed. I think we should be in Sacramento fighting for revenue for this budget year, as much as 1 B to be split among 3 segments. this is worth fighting for now. that's my argument. if you don't want to answer now fine, ponder it. then get on the field and fight.

Chair: the chancellors don't have to answer that.

Gould: the centerpiece was going to be the furloughs and layoffs. I think the Chancellors' have trumped that. my suggested is staff draft a letter reaffirming our commitment to higher education and address it to the leg? I'm not prepared to comment on legislation we haven't seen and that is entering in tax policy that is beyond our scope.

Blum: a beautiful agreement called the Compact for Higher Education . . if the cuts continue the Gov will have reneged on (he's blurry on the numbers). I have heard anything said around here, it may not be legal, but the Governor has reneged. those that want to go on record, go on record saying we lived up to our side of the bargain,

also shields the chancellors - they should not advocate a piece of legislation.

"I thought the stories were totally devastating. .. we need to fight about all this. frankly we've heard this time and time again. the state is an unreliable partner. we need to look at other sources of revenue.

the cuts are ok for a year. but in reality the strategy is absolutely the opposite of what we should be doing. we should be doing whatever we can to be preserving the best people . . and they are taking the highest cut. the chancellors are 35% below market. . . cutting frmo the top is absolutely the way to kill this institution . . .

unknown: we are voting on J2 which we all hate. President Yudof said that this vote WILL damage the quality of the university. many of us haven't heard before what we heard today [??!] what about a press conference standing in solidarity with our faculty, our students, not just in a letter but in a press conference. we can't just sit around knowing it's not going to get better in the next few years. I do think we need to take bolder action

Senate chair Croughan. the Chancellors certainly echo what I'm hearing on the campuses. Fac losses: takes 3-5 years to replace in reality. reduces grad numbers, which reduces reseach productivity, and we really are the economic engine for the faculty.

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