Sunday, July 12, 2009

Continuation 11 Points From UCSB Chairs

3. We ask for guidelines and consultation on the implementation of furloughs at UCSB, given that President Yudoff's proposal now allows campus-level flexibility in such implementation. (There was some discussion of ways to achieve a measure of standard implementation across campus or in departments, but the planning process has not begun.)

4. We request that the UCSB administration work _with_ the faculty and students to construct productive outreach, teach-in, educational, organized movement, and publicity effort(s) next year.

5. In light of the above, we emphasize the need for our leaders to engage in strategic level, forward-looking planning (rather than just reactive tactics) to maintain the integrity of the UC system and of our campus. Painting a "portrait" of what the UC system should be that is attractive both to ourselves and the public will be necessary to help guide outreach movements. We particularly insist on a strategic vision that maintains the concept of the UC system as such--the idea of a master plan, the idea that we are _one_ system (not one where self-declared "top-tier" campuses relegate other campuses to the status of teaching colleges), and that there will be continued support for research balanced with teaching.

6. We are very concerned as chairs about retention, and we seek clarity about what our university can do in that respect.

7. We seek clarity on whether faculty with grants can use grant funding to buy out furlough days (an issue we raise out of concern for equity on campus).

8. We seek assurance that sabbaticals, course relief for duties, and merits & promotions are not going away.

9. We seek guidance on the role of "supervisors" in managing the furlough plan now proposed by President Yudoff. What level of supervisors will be the control point on campus?

10. We want assurance that our campus payroll system can handle the changes without massive numbers of mistakes, and also that there will be support for the many faculty and staff who will have questions when they see their first new paychecks.

11. We ask for transparency in planning principles/process in the event of cuts in programs.



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paulbenedict said...

40% of cuts are on undergraduate coursework. Certainly, more can fall on upperlevel, non-science, newer research programs.