Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cont: What Happened to the "Stop the Cuts" Petition at the Regents Meeting"?


Dear Colleagues,

Just back from the RUC Regents meeting. I am sorry to report that your petition was assigned a number and then cut off by the Regents before the number was called to the podium and Paul Rabinow who was assigned to read the petition was ignored. We were blind-sided and perhaps should have made a scene. But it happened in a split second.

The only recourse left was to hand the petition in for the Regents to read at their leisure. Faculty members who were present and were given the first numbers had 1 minute each to speak and were cut off if they went over a few seconds. After the rushed "public" forum there was all the time in the world for the in coming and out-going members of the Regents to celebrate each other and salute President Yudof, and for the other half of the room -- the room was divided in half and the 'dissenters' were roped off -- the Regents' people to present a corporate powerpoint.

We clearly have to be 'cuter' ( as the Irish would say with reference to the fox) and as dogged and 'digging in' our heels as the hedgehog.

We'll do better next time,

Nancy Scheper-Hughes


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