Sunday, July 12, 2009

Continuation: Save the CSU

The university system has long served as a foundation for California business and economic growth. These cuts to the CSU undermine California's economic recovery. These cuts jeopardize the future of our students who depend on access to higher education today to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

Did you know that our universities are already severely weakened by years of underfunding? California education is celebrated around the world, but the ominous truth is that higher education is already in trouble. Budget cuts now will deny about 50,000 students access to CSU. It already takes 6 years to finish a “4-year” degree at a CSU. Fewer classes will make it even harder for students to graduate. Without a college degree, high school graduates are twice as likely to be unemployed. This heavy burden threatens California’s future.

Renew the promise. Restore the funding. Revive California's future. Click here to send a letter to CSU Chancellor Reed, Governor Schwarzenegger, and key California legislators. The prosperity of California depends on education. CSU students are tomorrow's work force, and they need quality education today. The Future is Now.

CSU Faculty, Students, Staff, and Friends
Save the CSU


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