Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SAVE the University: Berkeley Faculty Teach-in Against the Cuts

Wednesday, September 23, 7-9 PM
Wheeler Auditorium
Ananya Roy, Professor, City and Regional Planning
Kevin Padian Professor, Integrative Biology
Catherine Cole, Professor, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
Wendy Brown, Professor, Political Science
Robert Reich, Professor, School of Public Policy
Moderator: Peter Glazer, SAVE Co-chair, Associate Professor, Theater, Dance and Performance Studies

Thursday, September 24, 12-2 PM
Sponsored by the Solidarity Alliance

*T.J. Clark, Professor, History of Art
Percy Hintzen, Professor, African American Studies
Isaac Miller, undergraduate, CalSERVE
Katherine Sherwood, Professor, Art Practice
Mary June Flores, undergraduate, CalSERVE
Ramon Castellblanch, Professor, Health Education, SFSU
Katherine Lee, Lecturer, College Writing
Claudette Begin, CUE
Joi Barrios, lecturer, Ethnic Studies
Rob Valdes, undergraduate, SWAT
Blanca Missé, graduate student, French
speakers from UPTE and AFSCME

Talk to your colleagues.  Meet as a group.  Faculty should gather on the south side of Wheeler at 11:50 to walk into Sproul in unity. Show our strength.

On behalf of SAVE Coordinating Council: Peter Glazer, Suzanne Guerlac, Gregory Levine, Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Scott Saul, Shannon Steen, Alan Tansman, Barrie Thorne, Anne Wagner, Dick Walker

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