Monday, March 8, 2010

Students Disrupt Washington Legislature with Song

Students disrupt Washington State Legislature with song to protest budget cuts on March 4th.

"College students took to the state Capitol on Thursday to protest against deep cuts in education funding.The students from Evergreen State College went into the Capitol building and sang, interrupting legislators on the floor.
Sen. Mike Carrell was speaking was speaking on the floor, discussing House Joint Resolution 4220, when he was gaveled quiet amid the noise from the gallery. The students were warned and the Sergeant at Arms began escorting some of the students out. Marches, strikes, teach-ins and walkouts were planned nationwide in what was being called the March 4th National Day of Action for Public Education."


Amazing Grace no longer flows,
Dammed up by greed so crude.
I once could eat, but now I find
I cant afford the food.

The bright young minds of our country
Now wake to meet their doom;
So why should we apply to school,
When close ahead lies gloom?

What will we say in years ahead
When strewn across the land
Are wretches poor in heart and soul,
By greedy robbers damned?

Remember, Aristocracy
Made bank from others toil.
I say we have the right to fruits
We've grown on Natures soil.

Aloud, lament all ye who hope
To have a better life;
If our priorities don't change
We all will end in strife.

Awaken Creativity,
and doom we may waylay!
Lets make a plan while we still can
And birth a better day!


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