Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Charles Schwartz Invites President Yudof to Debate Administrative Bloat

President Mark Yudof
University of California

Dear Mark;

I have just seen your response to the Sacramento Bee's editorial about administrative bloat at UC; and I want to invite you to join me in a public debate on this important topic.

You may have noticed that the Bee editorial mentioned my name and said I had been studying this question and making complaints to University leaders for some time. That is true. I find your latest piece to be ill informed or deliberately misleading. I cannot say which. And so I think the best way to clarify this important issue - for the benefit of everyone in the University and for all concerned citizens - is for us to engage in an open scholarly debate.

Please suggest a time; and I am sure we can find hospitable accommodations for the event on this campus.


Charles Schwartz
Professor Emeritus
March 2, 2010


Moravecglobal said...

BLOAT! UCB Chancellor Birgeneau is spending $3,000,000 on outside consultants when the work can be done by the professional worldclass faculty and staff at UC/UCB. Nice way not to have to do your job Chancellor Birgeneau.

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