Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UCSB Teach-In October 14 2009

The University of California, Santa Barbara
Campbell Hall
October 14, 2009

This “teach-in” explores the origins and character of the current crisis at the University of California. It is both an educational and political event, designed to provide a progressive, alternative analysis of the budget crisis and a positive road forward for California, the UC system, and education at all levels in our state. We defend public higher education in the Golden State. We do not favor privatization of the University, austerity for the public schools, or furloughs, wage freezes, and fee hikes for staff, faculty, and students. We hope that the information and analysis generated by this teach-in will provide students, staff, faculty, and administrators with the weapons necessary to defend our university as it faces unprecedented attack.

2:30 p.m.  Welcome from the Campbell Hall Steps
       Reginald Archer, President, Graduate Student Association, UCSB 

       Jessie Bernal, Student Member of UC Regents, UCSB

       Amanda Wallner, Campus Democrats, UCSB 

3:05 p.m.  Student Voices

       Erica Stenz, Exercise and Sports Studies Campaign

       Nayra Pacheco, IDEAS (Improving Dreams, Equality, Access & Success)

       Joel Mardujano, Associated Students Legislative Council Representative

3:25 p.m.  Meaning of the Teach-In  

       Dean David Marshall, UCSB

        Nelson Lichtenstein, Professor of History, UCSB: Clark Kerr’s forgotten legacy
3:40 p.m.  The Crisis at the University of California

         Chair:  Michael Brown, UCSB, Gevirtz School of Education

          Stan Glantz, Professor of Medicine, UC San Francisco, past chair of Committee on Planning and Budget: UC’s budget blunders

           Robert Samuels, President, UC-American Federation of Teachers: Why the furloughs are unnecessary

           Christine Petit, President, UAW Local 2865, (The union for TAs, readers and tutors): The teaching experience under stress

          Robert Meister, Professor of Political Science, UC Santa Cruz, President,  UC  Faculty Associations: What is faculty governance?
 5:30 p.m.  California Politics: What Reforms Do We Need?

         Chair:  Aranye Fradenburg, Professor of English, UCSB

                                       Lenny Goldberg, California Tax Reform Association  25

         Ruth Gilmore, Professor of Ethnicity and Geography, University of Southern California: The Budget-draining prison complex

         Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center: A “Dream Act” for undocumented students

         Sharde Davis, UCSB: Stop rising fees!

7:00 p.m.  Breakout Workshops and Panels at Various Locations on Campus
                 A light dinner will be available outside of Campbell. See program for location
                 of workshops and panels in nearby classroom buildings
8:30 p.m.  Where Do We Go From Here?

                 Chair: Hannah Beth Jackson, former South Coast Assemblywoman

                 Janelle Mungo, Human Rights Coalition, UCSB: What students can do.
Loni Hancock, Chair, Elections, Reapportionment, and Constitutional
 Amendments Committee, California State Senate: Ending the
Sacramento deadlock

    George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics, UC Berkeley: Framing the issues

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