Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UCSB Break-out Sessions, 7:00 PM, Wednesday October 14th

The Impact of prisons on education and the way forward in reversing that trend. 
-Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Dept of American Studies and Ethnicity, USC
-Craig Gilmore, Critical Resistance
-Damien Schnyder, author of “First Strike: The Effect of the Prison Regime Upon Public Education and Black Masculinity in Los Angeles County, CA”
Phelps Hall 3523 

Breaking the Stalemate: the Politics of Public Education in California
Loni Hancock, California State Senator, East Bay
Hannah-Beth Jackson, former South Coast Assemblywoman
Das Williams, Santa Barbara City Council
Julian Posadas, American Federation of State County and Municipal Workers
Phelps 3515 

The UC Budget and California Tax Policy
Stan Glantz, UC San Francisco
Lenny Goldberg, California Tax Reform Association
George Lakoff, UC Berkeley
Phelps Hall 1260

How UC is Governed
Jessie Bernal, Student Regent
Bob Samuels, UC –American Federation of Teachers
Robert Meister, UC Santa Cruz, President – UC Faculty Associations
Webb 1100

The California Dram Act: Help for Undocumented Students
Kent Wong, UCLA Labor Center
Nayra Pacheco, UCSB, IDEAS (Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, & Success)
South Hall 1431

University 101: Student-Friendly Breakdown of the UC System and the Budget Crisis  7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Celina Ayala, External Vice President of Statewide Affairs, Associated Students, UCSB
Armando Carmona, Student-Initiated Recruitment & Retention Committee, UCSB
Campbell Hall

Strategy Chart/Strategy Breakdown
David Preciado,  Isla Vista Tenants Union, 2008 Get-Out-the-Vote leader at UCSB
This workshop teaches organizers how to develop effective strategies for their campaigns
Building 387, Room 104

Legislative Action: Dealing With and Against UC in Sacramento & What Is Next.
Rodney Orr, Legislative Director, United Professional and Technical Employees
Ali Cooper, Political/Legislative Director, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 3299
Robert Campbell, former chair of Assembly Budget Committee
Christine Petit, President UAW Local 2865 (The union for TAs, readers and tutors)
Phelps 1420

Save Exercise and Sports Studies!
Erica Stenz, LeAnn Lopez, Andrea Chase, Kathleen Jequinto, Megan Killian
South Hall 1609

How is the economic crisis impacting Black and Latino students and communities?  How are students and communities responding?  How should they respond? 
Clyde Woods, Black Studies, UCSB
Gaye Johnson, Black Studies, UCSB
South Hall  1430

How education actually changes the brain 
Aranye Fradenburg, Department of English, UCSB
Kay Young, Department of English, UCSB
Janis Caldwell, Department of Engish, UCSB
English Department conference room, 2607 South Hall

Other Events

Film – announce Cup of Culture, Wed Oct 14, Multicultural Center Theater (see email for description)

Banner painting
Proposed by: Tammy Elwell (elwell@geog.ucsb.edu) TA Dept of Geography, UCSB and Verónica Montes
Outside Campbell Hall, two large tables needed, do we provide anything?

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